Agi Maia Se Matagi

Jamoa Jam | 9 comments

This guy is missing his sweetheart.

Ou te manatua aso o oe ma a’u

O tala uma le alofa na ‘ou avatu
E fa’aali uma fo’i nei ou manatu
E leai ma se isi, ua na’o a’u

Agi maia ia se matagi se’i momoli atu ai lo’u alofa nei
i lau pele, ua le mafai e lo’u fatu ona tata lelei
Ua ou misia oe, tauauina ma te lau fa’amoemoe
Ta te talitonu e le lua fuga dear au ia oe

Fuga ua sili oe i le manogi mai
i la’au uma sa ou ui ane ai
Lilo oe i la’au ma loto tele
sasala mai ai a e ou usu lau pese


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  1. Risa

    2. Funa ua sili oe le manogi mai
    i laau uma sa ou ui ane ai
    Filo oe i laau o malo tetele
    Sasala mai ao usu o la’u pese

    • Grace

      Does anyone have the English version to the song, “Agi Maia Se Matagi?”

  2. Frances Faavae

    This song is nice!!!
    Thank you for posting it up!!

  3. Toes

    Are there any other artists that sing this song besides Jamoa Jam and Lillian Faifili? Is there an original artist for this song?

  4. Jazzy

    Sao lelei upu ole pese mo a’u ma lau peu

  5. Jazzy

    Girl version

  6. Jazzy

    This is my favorite samoan song []{}#%^*+=_\|~€£¥¥¥¥

  7. pisah

    ohhh fabulous…..danx for posting this song up i love it and i also love the person that posted this song xoxoxo:D shot gee…..

  8. L.Te'o

    Happy Samoan Language Week 28.05.17…I love this song too will be doing a dance to this, this Friday with our shared lunch looking forward to it


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