It’s not possible for anyone or anything, not even death, to separate me from my love for Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

E le mafai e se tasi ona vavae eseina mai au i lou alofa,
e le mafai e le oti, e le mafai e le ola,
e le mafai e agelu alii sili ma faipule atoa mea
maualul, na aveesenia lou alofa.
Le oti o fea lou tui, tuugamau lou manumalo,
faafetai Iesu Keriso, le tuuina mai lo`u manumalo.
Aleluia Amene, aleluia amene, aleluia amene,
aleluia amene, manumalo a`ia`ile Leona o luta
aleluia amene

Submitted by J
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  1. MJ Tagovailoa

    e faapefea ona ti tou pese a e leai ni lyrics?

  2. Sasha

    Maualuluga, na aveeseina

  3. Cheekii

    seki a le pese lea…. its a gud song for aso sa a tamati… 🙂

  4. Eugeni

    What does it mean in English!

    • meliskuxx

      Well this means I just cant yoj welcome

    • Jnnifer

      mean no one can take anything away from you because of my love you can never die you and never alive because your a good person

  5. Eric

    manaia pese ae le’o uma mai luga e iai nisi o pese e leo iai le pese lea o le Faafetai

  6. meliskuxx

    Very manaia I love this song le mafai I to heaf it when Im asleep thankz for da wordzz GREAT……

  7. Bui

    Can someone translate this song …It sounds nice

  8. Lita

    This song is really good!!!!


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