La’u Ma’asoama

“Ma’asoama” is an old school term of affection for a lover or significant other. This classic jam talks about the heartbreak of losing someone you love.

(Rosa Pa’epa’e Version)

Talofa ia oe la’u ma’asoama
ua mou malie leai se tala
ta fia tepa tasi i ou foliga
mamanu e le fa’ataunu’uina
le tausala e ua na o oe,
funa e, i lo’u loto e
le alofa le alofa ma te momoe
le alofa le alofa ma te momoe

Pei o le uluulu o la’au Lepanona
le faigata o le alofa
ua na o se vai o’ona ua ou inumia
lenei mafutaga ae motusia
E faauma ai o lo’u fiafia
le faigauo lea sa lelei
le alofa, le alofa ua fa’auma nei
le alofa, le alofa ua fa’auma nei

Lau amio e faafiafia loto
pe maua ita le loto momomo
Se’i e nofotasi maia i ou tafatafa
ma au upu malu i lo’u agaga
lau amio e agamalu
pei o se lupe ua olotu’u
tofa, tofa, o’u alofa na
tofa, tofa, o’u alofa na

25 Replies to “La’u Ma’asoama”

  1. , haha uhrmm thys snq reminds meeh owf mah ex ‘ leo naumati leonesio
    mahn i mis hym soooooooooo muj ayee =(

  2. , weol this song means alot to meeh b’coz i mis my babes sooo muj ‘ he left meeh without sayn anythnmg and naw jus wondering  ihf he wil come bak for meeh ;( xxxo miss ue sioga penitila mwaaaaahs xxxxxxxxooooooooooxxxxx ;( ;(
    looveyoou heapz hunny mwaaaahs ;(

  3. ..mahn ireally mis eric ahyees ? ;( iwana sing ths song to hym ;( xx
    ireally want hym bak nd somehow hes wid anothr gurl soo can’t really doo anythng abwt iet ayee jucc hoping daht he’ll remembah meeh ;( ;( mis uyo baby mwaaaahs xxxxx

  4. O.M.G. DAT song just remindz mhe of ma best mate nmi ake
    she alwatz sing dat song wen she was in jrouble

  5. Dis song remind me.of my husband.. he always sing dis song to me lolz
    Miss my husband so badly… I love u husband. Miss u like crazy:)..

  6. dis song remind me of a story i read and saddens me because when one lover leaves another whom its love is important to her or a him and of some gossip which cause some harm in our youth, our youth has no choice but to do something bad n remember no matter wat choice we make we chose the path dat leads to gud consequences but not the other way around…hope u take dis advice

  7. this song mean something real thats why mi dad create dis n i luv to hear it to remind me of him n his luvly talent luv you dad

  8. Hey with all due respect but in the first verse of La’u Ma’asoama the line with “mamalu e lei fa’ataunu’uina” does not make sense if translated and according to the contexts of the song. The correct words are ” se ma manu e lei fa’ataunu’uina” and if translated in English including the first line before it means “I want to see your face once more, just before it goes forth” I personally think just my own opinion of the song this line is about the song writer/ singer saying he/her wants to see his/her lover before she/he gets married and is separated forever. I do hope you consider my advice because the Samoan lyrics are very deep and are very rich in meaning therefore have the correct lyrics i very important

    Thank you

    1. Thank you for that insight, Cecilia. I like your take on this very beautiful song. Thank you also for enlightening us in a thoughtful and kind way. Our efforts here are obviously not perfect (just full of love for our music and culture :)) so I really appreciate every bit of learning and support we get from our community.

      I’ll make your changes to these lyrics soon.

  9. I lenei pese e manatua ai pea nai o tatou tuaa i a tataou amio e fai iai latou ae e ui i lea i faamagalo i matou le fanau i amio leaga.

  10. O my lovely precious beryl
    Quietly you fade away
    Wish to see you face to face
    Before it is too late
    My love you are the only one
    Darling within my heart
    In love, In love I’ll rest
    In love, In love I’ll rest

    Ferocious roots of Lepanona
    Arduous it is to love
    Like a poison that I have taken
    When our love is disconnected
    Put an end to my happiness
    Our romance that was so perfect
    O love, o love now end
    O love, o love now end

    Infectious is your joyfulness
    Fills my heart with pitiness
    Sits by me just one more time
    Your soothing words and my heart be fine
    Your grace and gentleness
    As a dove’s cooed in loneliness
    Farewell, farewell with love
    Farewell, farewell with love

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