Mavaega a Tavita ma Ionatana

Felise Mikaele, Traditional | 7 comments

This song expresses the emotion of David’s heartbreaking farewell to his dear friend Jonathan (in the Old Testament).

Le mavaega e, Tavita ma Ionatana
Aue, loto e, ua nuti momo i`a
Ua fa’apena oe le maname`a
Oi talofa o le a ta te-te`a
Lo’u fatu ua ta’e
Vaivai ai le tino
Le uo moni, aue, o le a lilo

La’u lupe o le a e sola ma fa’aifo ane i le pap`a
O le a e talafulu i le ana na moe ai ole tam`a
A i ai ni ou alofa tu ma ile fa’asopoia
Lia’i mai ai lou solosolo e, tof`a!

Ia malie lou finagalo i la’u fa’atali
Ua luma fale i moana ae tua i le papa
Ua le oni masei ae tu’u ni lelei
Pei o le upu ua naumati o le nu’u nei
O nai a’u upu ta’utino
O faiva o Fiti ia lililo
E magalo mea uma i le ta so’o tino

(’u lupe o le a e sola…)

E le galo oe i le agaga
Pe a i’u lenei soifua
Le mavaega lea i tul`apasa
O le afiafi i sisifo e te alaala ai
Ae a ou tu mai i le vaveao i sasa’e
O a’u lena e te tago seu ai

(’u lupe o le a e sola…)

Afai o mesepa ta mavae ai
Aue le loto e, ua liu suavai
Lau teu fa’aaloalo
Lenei ua i lo’u fatu
O le ma’asalafa ua e tu’u ai a’u
Malie le papa i Ta`u ma le papa i la u
Papa i galagala le taga fa’au fai tala

(’u lupe o le a e sola…)

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Please help us to learn.

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  1. Lakena Alesana-Yan Lan

    This song is one of uncle Tanuvasa’s many compositions. Although I’m grateful for the posting of the lyrics, much of the words are not the original lyrics. But fear not, if we keep seeking we will find the right ones as the Good Book encourages.

  2. Salu Family

    Fully agree with Lakena Alesana-Yan Lan. My grandfather was the Late Salu Finauga from Vailoa Palauli who was best friends with Tanuvasa. My Mum and her siblings know the history behind this song, so just an advice next time you post traditional songs please make sure your lyrics are correct. Thank You and have a nice day. (:

    • Suieni

      please can you share with me the song history..need it for a school assignment

  3. Sio Descendant

    Again, incorrect. This song was written by I’iga Toleafoa Talitimu Sio. And yes the lyrics are not correct.

    • Joy

      Agree – composed by Toleafoa Talitimu. From memory it tells the story i le so’o a nu’u-somehow Palauli comes to mind but unsure.

  4. Vailiili Tapu

    I am from Vailoa Palauli too and was always taught the song was written by…..Toleafoa Talitimu

  5. Lisa

    Anyone who knows the year this song was written by Toleafoa Talitimu?


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