Lo’u sei e, lo’u pale auro

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Wearing the hisbiscus representing Samoa with pride.

Lo’u sei e, lo’u pale auro e
O le ma’ataua, sa fa’alilo e
O le upu ua tonu i lo’u loto e
O le uo moni, e le galo e


Sau ia, sau ia, lo’u fiafia e
O oe o la’u aumeamamae
O le fa’amoemoe e le uma
Se’iloga ua mate la’u lamepa

Fai maia sau upu, se’i o’u fa’alogo atu
Se upu alofa ia te a’u
I na ne’i faia fua la’u amio maualalo
Ne’i avea ita ma au mea ta’alo

Ta fa’atalofa, ta lululima
Fa’asili ia oe, ne’i galo mai ita
Teu ane i ou loto, la ta feagaiga
Se’i o’o i le aso ua tu’upoina

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  1. Lakena Alesana-Yan Lan

    This love song was composed by one of the Malua A’oa’os many moons ago for my grandma, Vaoita Petaia Alesana(Tina). The twosome were said to be much in love, but never married. Vaoita was later married to my grandfather, James Enoka Alesana (Mary Hunkin’s son). Grandma Vaoita (Tina)was receptive & responded back through one of her own compositions: “Mauga”

    1. Mauga e ia mafuli maia
    Mafuli maia ia tanumia
    O mea uma o le lalolagi
    Ma le uo ua masani

    Tra la la la la e le galo oe
    Si o’u nei alofa ia te oe
    Talofa i si o’u fatu a malepe
    Pe a va’ai i le ata o le pele.

    2. Tino e ua ma’ulu’ulu
    Ma o’u aso ua pu’upu’u
    Ou te fa’atusaina i se puao
    Pe a malama mai le vaveao


    3. Tiga ona maualuga mauga
    Ae ou te tausili pea i luga
    Pe ou te tu i le tumutumu
    Ma iloa atu ai si o’u nu’u

    TALI (E mafai ona fo’i fa’afia le tali pe a mana’o i ai)

    • M. S Petaia

      You are absolutely TRUE…The man who wrote the song is my Great Grandfather Rev. ENARI. Also I am the grandson of Rev Petaia Petaia.

    • Letupu Matautia

      From word of mouth, the Malua student who wrote Lo’u sei e is Rev Sarasopa Enari. Can anyone confirm this please? It’s great to finally put names on these beautiful Samoan oldies. Lakena Alesana-Yan Lan, thank you so much for the info. I’m very interested also in the tune of your grnadmother’s response. The words are just as beautiful as Lo’u Sei e. Is there any recording of this song please. Faafetai faasoa. God bless.

  2. ManuanTeine

    I’m sorry but I beg to differ on the composer to this song.

    • Letupu Matautia

      Please enlighten us ManuanTeine

  3. misilon pilitati

    i love this song I took samoan language classes and this was the song taught to us ,..it is beautiful and i really would like to know about it ,.

  4. fiona brown

    I love this song ,what so fill bless in my heart,keep on and increase god bless

  5. jerry



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