Love Of My Life


Love of my life
I just wanna take this moment to say
things ain’t been right
since you got my faults and failures
on display

And I know we can’t take back
all the words that we said
and I know we hurt each other sometimes
Still I know our love is stronger
than all the negativity
Baby just look in my eyes…
you’ll know

As long as the sun will shine, Honey, I know
that you’re all I want on my side
And I promise to give everything from my heart
and for you, Honey, I’ll never lie
I’ll never lie


No one knows me like you,
my one and only sweetheart
Every day I’ll try
to confirm every reason
that you’ve loved me from the start

Our sweet moments of laughter
‘makes my heart grow fonder
of you every day of my life
As I told you before
if you’re ever in doubt
Baby take a look in my eyes
I love…


I’ll never lie
not to the love of my life

Reminiscing of the day
when I didn’t know what to say
and I promised come what may
told you fe be my wife
for life
Through all the struggle and the strife
without you, baby, I would rather die
I’d rather be another piece of real estate
in a desolate place
far far away
And the only sun that shines on me
is your face
just to prove my love to you baby

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