Manatua Mai A’u

(Pati Version)

A solemn song of reflection and worship, remembering the sacrifice that Christ made for us on the cross.

A o tautau Iesu i luga o le satauro

O ona vae ma lima na tu’ia i fao
Silasila le pagota ma ua ta’e lona fatu
Ona ia tepa ia Iesu ma tagi atu


Le Ali’i e manatua mai a’u
Pea e afio atu i lou mamalu
Ua ou iloa nei le lautele o lou alofa
Ina ia le fano se tasi, ae ia o’u ola

Ao ou faitau le tala i le Tusi Paia
Na ou lagona ua nao Iesu e manaomia
O lea o lou ola oute tu’uina atu
Ma pei o le pagota ua o’u tagi atu


Lo’u nuu Samoa e pele i le loto e
O lo’o faatali nei Iesu mo oe
Ia tatala lou lotu ia te ia
E mautinoa e te maua ai le fiafia


10 Replies to “Manatua Mai A’u”

  1. Hello.
    there is an original song to the beat to this song. Someone told be the original song was by rosa paepae. can anyone tell me the name of this song and the words. even better post it on youtube.

  2. My heart cries out for all those who lost their families, friends, relatives, home, churches,pets,and loved ones to the 2009 Tsunami in Lalomanu and the whole of Samoa. I pray to God that His great comfort abides upon all of Samoa during these hard days of sorrow and pain.
    Our Grey family wishes the best of condolences to all Samoa’s brave souls that is now with our Heavenly Father because of this natural disaster. Hope that everyone is at peace and is willingly to hold major faith to be strong Samoan warriors for our loved ones while they continue to rest with our Heavenly Father.
    God Speed….Love Kathleen Grey.

  3. i so love this song., ths song is jus touching and alwaes bringing th memories of how my granddad was alive., i so miss him buht i geuss my graddad is now in a btter place., an yeahr ths is a cool song.,

    an to all th people of Samoa yue guys’ are all th best and may th Lord bless yue guys’ with many years to kum an days’.,

    – LOVEYUEZ all and

    live life to th fullest!!!!!!! xoxxox

  4. This is a very good song, i love it. This is a song that my wife and I were listening to about the time we met eight years ago….. And now i’ve figured the whole thing out on my ukulele. So happy, now i just have to learn the words….. 🙂 My love and strength to Samoa!!!!!

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