Manu o le vaveao

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Manu o le vaveao
tausani i fuga la’au
A e ala usu ita
i le faiva o mafaufau
Talu o lo’u popole
ne’i te’i ua le taulau
taunu’u ai le upu:
Ua le au le ina’ilau

Aue, aue! Se’i fai mai sau upu
pe tua i ni mala, pe tua i manu
Sau funa la’u pele, sau ma sina ipu vai malu
se’i inu ane ai tama o le nu’u

Lo’u fiafia e
i le teine pe tua i ni a
Upu sa ta fai
O le au Amene i luga
A e popole lo’u loto
o na’o sau tupua i nana
Ne’i lilo utuma
a e aliali na o utumau

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Ma le fa’aaloalo lava. 



    this song is incomplete . can someone complete this for me please !!!!! SAMOAN REPZ

  2. izzy.

    i have to sing this for kilikiti, and it sounds mean as with the girls harmonizing it <3 but im not even samoan, im asian hahahaha!

  3. Lee Paniani

    wow amazing song

  4. Fj

    Oka oka lau honey lau honey Faasilisili ou te faatusa Ina i se….. O se pisupo sili poo se Masai keke mai fiti poo sina sapasui….. Sorry the dots are the words o forgot sorry my nana taught me the song but then I forgot the song it’s been 8 years.

    • suglauopea

      apa helapi (Hellaby)

  5. finah

    Can somebody translate manu ole vaveao song in English please

  6. Alisha

    Does anyone know the chords?

  7. Cochise

    Thanks for making there lyrics available online.

    *ma le mau amene I luga. Verse 2 line 4.
    *ae atu lo’u loto. Verse 2 line 5.
    *verse 2 line 7 should be utumau and line 8 should be utuma.

    • hamogeekgirl

      Thanks so much for the thoughtful corrections. I’ll make the changes soon x

  8. Thummin

    Correction for the second verse: Upu sa ta fai ma le mau amene I luga. Ae atu lo’u loto ona o sau tupua I nana. Nei lilo utumau ae aliali na’o utuma.

  9. Alisha Lapu'aho

    i love this song and i even do the dance is so great and i want to learn more about the samoan culture


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