My Sweetheart

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A soulful ballad about yearning for a love so far away.

My sweetheart

you’re so far away from me
my return to you
I love you so

My sweetheart
you’re so far away from me
my return to you
just wait for me

I cruised so many miles across the sea
so far away, so far away
I can hear my sweeter bride
she’s crying for me
she’s calling me
she’s calling me



My sweetheart
you’re always on my mind
even though we’re far apart
there’ll always be a place for you in my heart

My love for you will never end
so wait for me my sweetheart
I’ll be back in your arms
very soon my sweetheart


Just wait for me (x2)

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  1. Sia

    What are the chords to this song?


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