Naumati lagona

(Laga Savea performs this gorgeous rendition of a Five Star classic.) Destitute and alone, this guy compares that feeling to a desperate thirst for water, or wine that’s become bitter, or a ship that’s run aground… Feeling that pain.

Naumati lagona mamao fo’i lo’u aiga
To’a le aisa, o’ona foi le uaina
Mafana le mafutaga o oe le tausala
Faigata mea uma ua goto i le va’a
Fia fau se fale lelei mo oe
Talofa e leai o se kamuta o totoe


Aisea na e le tu’ua ai se tasi
Pogisa mea uma
Pogisa mea uma i le ma’asiasi (x2)

Talanoa i manatu ua ta mafana
Lilo i le loto, e ese lou agaga
Ita e ua mao manatu atu
E le afaina, e tata pea lo’u fatu
E onosa’i fo’i pea si ou nei tagata
Faamagalo le tu’inanau ua o’u nei mata


Check out the English translation of Naumati Lagona by Hamo Geek Girl.

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  1. It was our song for the music festival in Samoa for elementary schools.A boy in our class sang it,it was the bomb!Our school is Aua Elementary,Home of the Mighty Rainmakers.We won it and I’m sure it was the song and also the talent we had.

  2. what is this song talking about???
    i dont know it but i know i like it thats why i was asking…


    1. Feeling lonely from home
      The ice was cold, the wine was bitter
      Hot relationship you are not guilty
      Everything was difficult to sink
      Make a good home for you
      Hi there is no carpenter left


      Why didn’t you leave someone behind?
      Dark everything
      Dark everything in shame (x2)

      Talk about warmth
      Calm at heart, your spirit is different
      But don’t worry
      No matter what, my heart still beat
      I’m still patient with this guy
      Forgive the lust of my eyes

  3. I sooooo lurv this jam!!! just heard it over the weekend and now it’s in my head all the time!! Beautiful rearrangement of this song and Laga sings it very well.


  5. I always hear people on the partyline sing this amazing unbelievable song that melts away the anger in your heart especially when your really depressed bout something ehhhhhhhhhhh kaigoigo!!

  6. i love this song…

    Naumati lagona mamao fo’i lo’u aiga = Deep feelings of desperation, even my family is far from me
    To’a le aisa, o’ona foi le uaina = The ice has frozen solid, the wine is bitter
    Mafana le mafutaga o oe le tausala = Our relationship was deep (intimate), my dear
    Faigata mea uma ua goto i le va’a = Everything is difficult, all sunken (as with a sunken ship)
    Fia fau se fale lelei mo oe = I want to build a good house for you
    Talofa e leai o se kamuta o totoe = But (too bad) there is no carpenter left

    Aisea na e le tu’ua ai se tasi = Why didn’t you leave me at least something (at least one thing)
    Pogisa mea uma = Everything is dark
    Pogisa mea uma i le ma’asiasi = Because of my humiliation, everything is dark

    Talanoa i manatu ua ta mafana = We talked and shared deep thoughts
    Lilo i le loto, e ese lou agaga = Little did I know, your heart was somewhere else
    Ita e ua mao manatu atu = As for (poor) me, I’d already professed my love for you
    E le afaina, e tata pea lo’u fatu = But never mind, my heart is still beating
    E onosa’i fo’i pea si ou nei tagata = And I will continue to wait (be patient)
    Faamagalo le tu’inanau ua o’u nei mata = Just forgive the deep desire in my eyes when I look at you…

  7. dis song reminded me much about my uncle whom passed away a couple of months… first i didn’t like it, but as i listened to it thoroughlly i felt compassionate…i think dis song is da best samoan song i’ve ever heard…

  8. call me weird, but i have an ear for good music and even though i didnt understand what he was saying.. i feel in love with the whole song in general.. the beat, his voice & how easy listening it is. && Thanks rissy for posting the translation! Now i know what it means LOL! Its something i can listen to over & over! If anyone has more music like this post links here pls! <3 TY!


  9. Dis song was one of the well known song original sung by Five Stars(Fetu Lima).One of the greatest band back in the early 90s.Most of their song are still popular now a days.I remember to hear this song on the radio in samoa. Pacific Soul sings some of their originals…
    This song was almost gone.. Thankz to Laga, he recreated it and it was good to listern this song back again.

  10. Laga’s got some talent right about there. We need more artists to replenish the old school flavor with modern style. Big props to the new bloods coming in with awesome new taste. I love the spanish style guitar adding a little taste of that romantic latin lover. Make the ladies fall in love on the spot. Can I get a hell yeah!!! Long live the Old skool original playas with the likes of the Five Stars, Tiama’a, Punialava’a, Golden Alii’s, Penina o Tiafau and the rest of the musical trailblazas. Laga, Uso you need to come to Dago.

  11. I heard it before, but I’ll be honest I didn’t pay much attention to it, but then I was listening to some songs on you-tube, and there it was, there on I never turn back, even my Italian husband loves it, the putting together of the voices, the softness, the melody OMG! my heart melts.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT***** with the capital *L*

  12. what i know about this song is that the words flashback my memories and it is an amazing song for a couple who just married and it helps them bring back their memories throughout their past relationship

  13. i dnt kno jack about dis song..
    but damn i freakin love it…
    most samoan song lyrics have like samoan proverbs
    or riddles in it..
    which is kinda hard to comprehend…cos im not dat mao back like my elders

    ehh se ioe..

  14. its amazing song im loving it it reminds me with da word of da song
    its said pogisa mea uma… my year 13 claz like it so dnt kip it down its said fau se fale…

  15. Thanks Laga i know you singing to me…hahaha..jokes…But if i was to judge this song i’ll put a ten up ….i aint lyin cause dis be my jam…Dude i like the way laga sang it at the concert….Buh you bad lae dat bra….

  16. man dis song is the bomb……. all ma workmates inluv with it….. wish laga will have a concert hea…(samoa- the treasured island)…


  17. This is so beautifully translated! I never knew what it meant until now, seeing as i was brought up on my Brazilian side. I love Samoan music, and this is truly an example of why i love it.Laga Savea’s version is absolute gold, keep up the good work! 🙂

  18. totally agree with all the comments! and hella greatful for the beautiful translation! Malo Lava!!!

    Must agree with HGG – The Five Stars will always be the kings’ of Samoan lyricism!

  19. hey wusup how r u doin i would like to say some few words about ur song u know when i was listening to da song fo’i le tama savaii it makes me cry when i listen to dis song n i wanna say dat i still remeber u about dis song…. LUV …LUV u

  20. jus luv this hit g!!!! it goes way bak!!! gotta giv props to Five Star and Laga!!! luvvvv it heaps, it jus hits da heart!!! givs memories of da good tymes in sa!!!

  21. Gotta give it up for the Kings of music *The Five Stars* .
    Always making great music with great lyrics, One of the
    greatest band ever. Wish them guys would make a
    comeback, but sadly the main singer or lead guiterist
    Alofa Tuuga Stevenson has passed. Legends I tell ya.

    Big ups to the fans as well !
    The Five Star Music will live forever !

  22. OMG…this is the Jam!!!! love this song mucho…..sang this song for 1 of my bfriends ahahahahha…pa se’e…ea e jello pe pau ah….LOL….love the feeling and thoughts of this song

    MAAAAAAAAAAN THIS IS MAH SLEEPIN SONg AnD i mayKe A LIL sySDaH sleep teW ihD toooooo 🙂 GOSH 🙂

  24. Good to see alot of people have been touched by this song, whether they are Samoan or not. One of my younger cousins sang this song at my paternal uncles funeral, brought me to tears. She sang it beautifully. 🙂

  25. hey i luv this song even though i dnt understand the meaning of da words cuz im a NZ idc….but anyways i luv the beat and how it goes

  26. In desperation with my family in distance
    Frozen ice and biter is the wine
    Lovingly engaged to you my darling
    Trouble is everything’s gone with the ferry
    Hoping to building you a mansion
    Regrettably no carpenter remain

    Why there was no one left
    Everything’s in darkness
    Everything’s in darkness and in shame

    Talks of confidence in our relation
    Unbeknownst to me you’ve got a different spirit
    O how I hopelessly adore you
    But its ok my heart will go on beating
    I can take it all in stride
    Forgive the lust-fullness seen in my eyes

    Why there was no one left
    Everything’s in darkness
    Everything’s in darkness and in shame

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