Oka oka la’u hani

Five Stars, Traditional | 6 comments

(Five Stars performs in this clip.) My honey is number one, like Hellaby’s corned beef. Better than biscuits from Fiji. Better than tomatoes and peas, even. Ahhh, love.

Oka Oka la’u Hani
o La’u hani faasilisili
ou te faatusaina i se apa helapi
po’o se pisupo sini
po’o se masikeke mai fiti
po’o sina sapasui
o ni tamato ma ni pi

afai lava ua tonu
ua tonu lou finagalo
ta faaipoipo
avane i le malo
e leaga o le ta’atua
e tele ai o le tiapolo
pe fai sau pepe
o le pepe o le po

Dear, dear tofa
o le a ta tete’a
e leai o se mamao
alaga i gauta
avanoa sau taimi
telefoni ane se itula
pe fai sau leta
avane i se motoka

submitted by Maosi

This song appears on the album Samoa Matalasi by the Five Stars. Grab it on Amazon.

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  1. Big HA

    you are missing

    “poo sina sapasui” in the second to last line of the first verse

  2. Karoline Sue Mariner

    yeah this song is missing a piece at the secound to last verse.lol

  3. Karoline Sue Mariner

    this song is really nice but the yes their is a piece missing in one off the paragraphs..


    Such a beautiful song. Just need to correct some of the wording in the verses and fill in some of the verses that are missing lines. But solid job 🙂

  5. maverickmasoe

    I love this song. My grandma use to sing it to us a lot while growing up. Agree to the comments above in regards to some missing parts. In addition to what they’ve said, the last word (tautua) on the the fifth line of the second verse should’ve been ta’atua instead of tautua. Also, immediately after that line the word “fefe” comes up. It should’ve been pepe instead of fefe. Anyhow good job and keep up the good work.

  6. hamogeekgirl

    Thanks so much everybody for the corrections. All fixed now.


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