Le Tala Ole

Punialavaa | 4 comments

This lady is genuinely proud of her man and how well he takes care of her.

Ou te le tala ole
e silisili tama o le lole
e alaala po fai sau sofesofe
ma tunu faavave sau kofe
aua lou moa ne’i molemole
tamo’e faavave ma le ofe
e seu mai sega tala ma se safole
e tali ai o lo’u popole

Tali: tago maia fusi atu a’u
ma faamafanafana lo’u fatu
na ou tago atu lea opo mai oe
ma po po faamoemoe

afai ta te nonofo
tuu lou ataata solo
ina nei masalosalovale lo’u loto
o le oe ma faatotolo
tuu lou ata tama
o tamaiti ula leaga
ina nei ou mau alu atu se malaga
ae soli mai o’u tofaga

Tali: tago maia fusi atu a’u
ma faamafanafana lo’u fatu
na ou tago atu lea opo mai oe
ma po po faamoemoe

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  1. Rocky Tiapula

    Ae o le fesili o ai lae pese? O ai fo’i e fa’atatau ai?

    • American Masina

      ua le iloa? but can I get the English translation, faa plz? hehehe ua fiu kau su’e le English translation.

  2. Siva Samoa

    Second verse is probably the man talking… and if you read it, it says

    Afai ta te nonofo, tuu lou ataata solo
    ina ne’i masalosalo vale lo’u loto
    “POLE” oe ma fa’atotolo

    (sounds like a jealous and controlling boyfriend)

    not sure “ōle” is right, in that verse… it should be “pole” as in kapale, kapole…

  3. JJW

    I am not fooling
    Claiming the boys of the lole
    How great they are they wake up early
    And get your coffee ready
    So you may not be fainting
    They quickly take to fishing
    To catch some lingcods and a whale
    To satify your worries

    Reach out and hug me now
    And comfort my heart
    And I’ll reach out and cherish you
    And patted you to rest

    If we do get marry
    Stop with your chicky giggling
    Lest it makes my heart suspiscious
    pummell you and make you are cripple
    Ceased from flirting with young men
    They’re kids with bad intention
    Lest I come being overracted
    And defile your dwelling


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