Po Lelei, Filemu (Silent Night)

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We’ve got several Samoan versions of Silent Night (same song, translated differently). Here are two of the most popular versions. 

Version 1 – From the hymn book of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

Po filemu, po pa‘ia. Filemu; susulu,
i le pepe pa‘ia nauā. Ma le taupou o lona tina.
Moe lelei iā oe. Moe lelei iā oe.

Po filemu, po pa‘ia. Leo mamoe, me‘ia;
O mamalu ua tō mai lugā. Agelu pese Aleluia!
Fanau mai le Fa‘aola. Fanau mai le Fa‘aola.

Po filemu, po pa‘ia. Alo o, le Atua;
Ua susulu ou fofoga. I le alofa togiola.
Iesū, I lou fanau mai. Iesū, i lou fanau mai.

Version 2 – from an older Presbytarian hymn book. (We’re still looking for an audio/video performance of this one. Please share in the comments if you have one.)

Po lelei, filemu
Ia tatou fa’amanu
Sa iloa ai le fetu
Mo Maria ma Iesu
Moe lelei ia Oe
Moe lelei ia Oe

Ia vi’ia le Ali’i
Ua fanau le Mesia
O leoleo sa ofo ai
I agelu sa pepese mai
Ua fanau le Ali’i
Ua fanau le Ali’i

Fa’afetai, fa’afetai
Ia Iesu e ola ai
Fai vi’iga ma faafetai
Ia Iesu na afio mai
Emanuelu lelei
Emanuelu lelei

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    Is there a audio for this song please?

    • emma

      on youtube:

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