O Iesu o Le Vine Moni

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Jesus is the true vine.

O Iesu o le Vine Moni

Ao lala i tatou, oi tatou ao Iesu o le loko
Ua afio Iesu ile lagi, ae tuua o lenei lalolagi
Male poloaiga ia outou fealofani


Ia lau pele pele pele ia e manatua o le auala e maga lua
Ae savali aua nei e toe tepa i tua

E usu oe ae ou tali, mafua lava i si tamaitai
E tusa o le afe tausaga ma le aso e tasi
E te fiu lava oe e saili, poo fea o iai le asini
Lenei ua tatala, ua mana’o iai le Alii


O ona po ole seleselega, sa fai ai o le vavega
A’e mai na o le lua lau’ia o le faiva
Sa tumu ole motu o tagata, ae ua pa mai le alaga
Ia nofo sauni, o le a afio mai le agaga

Ia lau pele pele pele oi vaitafe, le fuifui vine e le gase
Tofa, o le a ta tetea.


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  1. nisha

    that is a nice song as well

  2. Talalelei

    I am a 100 percent Samoan and I understand every word of this song. I am also a Christian, so my opinion is, I believe that Jesus is the true vine as it says in the song.
    Pacific Soul: keep it up…
    My talent that was given by God is singing so, I would like to be part of your band. Pe a levaaaa lava…

  3. malifa reppsz

    THIS is a mad song too. nice for a siva samoa.

  4. Befi

    Ummm how do I listen to this song?? I can’t find it on YouTube unless it’s under something else other then o iesu ole vine moni…..HELP!!!

  5. admin

    Hi Befi

    We’ve added the video here (from youtube) for you. There’s another version of it that I really like though, more old school –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8jyYsuqMGY .. in case you wanna check it out.



    Dont understand the samoan language but the song just inspire me….and love the song and continue singing GOD BLESS YOU.

  7. samantha

    can someone tell me what it is about thanks

  8. teine samoa

    Lyrics: O Iesu o le Lokou….o le auala e vala lua

  9. Michael Tuifatu

    Who wrote this song, pls?


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