Samoa e lo’u atunu’u pele i le loto

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Another one about loving our beautiful homeland of Samoa. 

Samoa e lo’u atunu’u pele i le loto e
e mitamita lo’u agaga ia te oe
O ou vaitafe lemu ma le sami e i’ila
pe a suluia maia le masina

O atumauga fa’asolosolo
E lafoia lona paoloi vaituloto
ae ou folaulau ai ma ou lagilagi pese
ma ou fa’alogo i le tausani o manu lele

Samoa e, ou te alofa tele ia te oe
E mitamita lo’u agaga ia te oe

Tiga na ou malaga i atunu’u o Papalagi
ae le galo mai Samoa ma ona masani
E maua fua talo ma fa’i, ulu ma ufi ma palusami
ma fa’i sina i’a e ina’i ai
O tagata uma e fealofani
e alolofa fua i so’o se tasi
E leitioa molimau mai le tasi tusitala
O Samoa o le Penina o lenei vasa

Samoa e, ou te alofa tele ia te oe
E mitamita lo’u agaga ia te oe

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  1. Martha Nikolao

    my fav song

  2. Puavahf9


  3. Lyn

    thanks for putting this song on the net. its one of my favourite.

  4. Ramona

    weneva sumwun plays dis snq
    ii alwaez try to sukc up the joyfulness !
    ii luhv dis snq !

  5. Taofi Fa'atau

    I recently watched an old movie filmed in Samoa from the early 1950’s..The Samoan extras in it were singing this song and I was singing along with tears pouring down my face…It is truly one of the old classics which can take me back, and wake up all the beautiful memories of home just like the song’s lyrics…Many thanks for this site, as I now have the full song and not just the first half of it.

  6. cuttiebooty

    we did a dance tot his song, man its amazing, i dnt quiet remembered wat happend but im pree sure i was teary on the nite of our performance, such a touchful song, so emotional but it explain how beautiful our beautiful and our lovely island is 🙂
    it is amazing…

    keep it up

  7. Marie

    What is the actual title of this song? I cant find it on youtube

  8. alyssa

    it is awesome and amazing because this is my favorite song….keep it


  9. Irene

    The song illuminate the essence of being a real Samoan. I feel it through my bones as my Samoaness is in my blood. Anyone who understand Samoan language can feel the words and a sense of belonging.

  10. Julie Faiva

    I’m a teacher in a Samoan Bilingual setting and I just love this song and the words. I am going to use it as a text to teach them reading in Samoan so rich in vocabulary


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