Samoa Matalasi

One of our deepest, most endearing tributes to the beauty that is Samoa, this song is almost a prayer of gratitude and love for our islands.

La’u Samoa, e matalasi
Ua si’osi’omia e le sami
Atu mauga lanu lau ‘ava
Feoa’i fi afi a o ou tagata


La’u Samoa la’u Samoa ea
Le Atua o lou fa’avae e moni lea
Le Ao o lou Malo tali’ilagi
Samoa ea i Malo aufa’atasi

Tu lata oe i le ekueta
E mafanafana fo’i ele vevela
So’o se mea aua le popole
E mamulu mai ile fa’amolemole

Malietoa ua Malotau
O nai upu fa’alae’iau
Sema ane sota taeao
Samoa lo ta va’a ia sao

40 Replies to “Samoa Matalasi”

  1. ohemgee this is another song that everytime ihear it now iwanna cry. my heart goes out to all those that were hit by the tsunami and to everyone that lost family members :(, yous are all in our prayers, my family was fortunate enough not to lose anyone. but R.I.P to all those that did get washed away.GOD BLESS SAMOA!!!

  2. HELP!!! URGENT!!

    Hey, would anyone be able to direct me to an instrumental version of this song or the piano chords?? My Bestfriend is suspose to perform this 2morrow!

  3. hey, im samoan but i dont speak or understand any samoan. my dad does, but he hasnt taught us..
    ANYWAYS, just wondering if anyone could translate this song into english? lol, i love it!

    much appreciated,

    🙂 xo

    1. You need to get like me uce I’m a 43yr old Samoan dude teaching myself the language through the net and other tools. It’s never too late sole

  4. was just listening 2 this song on youtube now i see it on here. DA BST SONG EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i COULD LISTEN 2 IT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAMOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hey i would like to say , wow i love this sonq ay ,
    it makes me cry whenever i listen to it … God Bless samoa ..

    Loveyahh all …:)

  6. Starting to see a trend where there is a lot of Samoans wanting to learn Samoan. I’m not amazing at it, but I’m pretty good at it ! And I’m willing to help anyone that wants to learn, him me up on with any questions or anything you want translated.. so on and so forth 🙂 This would be a good learning opportunity for you and a good revision for me 🙂 Just here to help.

    Love this song btw 🙂

    1. La’u Samoa, e matalasi….My beautiful Samoa
      Ua si’osi’omia e le sami…Surrounded by the ocean
      Atu mauga lanu lau ‘ava….Mountains purest green
      Feoa’i fi afi a o ou tagata…Natives live happy and free

      { CHORUS }

      La’u Samoa la’u Samoa ea….My Samoa my Samoa
      Le Atua o lou fa’avae e moni lea…God is your true foundation
      Le Ao o lou Malo tali’ilagi…The Head of your Kingdom from heaven
      Samoa ea i Malo aufa’atasi….Samoa is in the United Nations

      Tu lata oe i le ekueta…. Located near the equator
      E mafanafana fo’i ele vevela…Warm but not so hot
      So’o se mea aua le popole….In everything do not worry
      E mamulu mai ile fa’amolemole…You’ll get them with please and pardon

      Malietoa ua Malotau…Sweet Courage brave in war
      O nai upu fa’alae’iau…Empowering words to encourage
      Sema ane sota taeao….Device for our new dawn day
      Samoa lo ta va’a ia sao….Samoa steers our ship through safe

  7. Hey Geek you are most welcome. could’ve done better but when one ask for a translation, then it is usually do it right there and then. LOL

    Anyways I think there could be some people or perhaps some kids who goes on google and ruined that helpful function for others. never know..

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