Samoan Lover

When I saw you walking down the street

with that good looking smiley
My heart start beating fast
and asking myself where u coming
Attention’s on you
wish I was the first you can talk to
Se suga, teine
Se aumaia o sou manatu

I promise I’ll do anything to comfort you my darling
I never broke your heart cause I don’t wanna see you cryin
Be my lover and I’ll be the one you can rely on
I can be your rock and stone, no matter teine I’ll be strong
I was searching for a love
She is from up above
Look in your eyes, baby girl
How can I be in your world
Say my name is all I need
Touch me makes my life complete
Surely I can plan to bring
some Samoana love for me

To all the girls I loved before
Hey baby, you’re amazing
Through the words you say
and also your touch makes me crazy
That smile on your face
cheers me when I’m feeling down
I wish that I’ll fulfil your dreams in this world…

{ TALI }

Le puletasi lalelei e le ave’esea
Ma lou sei aute Samoa, e mafua ai lo’u fa’avalea
Ma nai ou uiga fa’aaloalo, ata’ata
That’s why I asked the Lord to send a Samoana lover

{ TALI }

13 Replies to “Samoan Lover”

  1. this song reminds me of the guy dat ask me out in sa. he start singin this song, n i was like alrite nifoloa number two.

    keep it up nifoloa

  2. When I saw u walking down da street with dat good looking smiley,my heart start beating fast nd asking myself whe’re u coming attentions on you,wish I was da first u can talk to,se suga teine se aumaia o sou manatu.. Most of da lyrics u put in there are wrong..pls dnt put it on da net if ur not sure of it..

  3. AW, this is so cute. oka oka. 😀
    fa’afetai tele lava for putting this up, been looking for it for AGES.
    reminds me of the boy who told me he loved me and said he would be my rock for life.
    haha okay Nifoloa number 2.

    ALOFA TELE m’samoan tuafafines’ & tuaganes’ :*

  4. yeeeeah boizzzz !!!! ……diz song reminds me o4 my beautiful country samoa……. i luv diz zong……kip it up ni4oloa…..skuxxxxx!!!! ….fafetai lava….

  5. Love dis song so much reminds me wen i used to’ scream mi lungs out singing n mi mother jus slap sain ehh moepi ah gA pese lmao.. Number one fan of nifoloa… <3<3

  6. It’s a fun song. Reminds me of the typical Samoan boy and his funny way of asking a girl out. I love it…brings back many memories lol. Good job Nifoloa. Keep it coming.

  7. i recon this is a memory converter to all samoan lover who had some tremendous memo in sa. not bad thou. I say, malo tele lava

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