Sau funa Sina, sau funa Sina
Le tama fafine, o le feagaiga
na e tagi lau tane o le gogosina
e te manamea i nai o na tifa
Ifo vanu a’e i vanu
O au manu na, na e tanumia
Ne’i o ta pa’u, o ta lili’a

Sole Tuisau i le fale
Sau i le fale, a ta gagase
Na ou vala’au ia Tui ma Tui
Ae oe mai o le tasi Tui
O Tui le Tafu’e o lo’o moe nei
O lo’o tofa i o’u vae nei

Sina oe, Sina oe
Na ou sau nei fai mai a Sina
E avatu se moa e fai ai le eleiga
A mea fo’i lo matou va’a
Na sau mai i Papa e lele i Moa
Ia fa’apepe a, ia ia.
E gali gali ofe, ofe ofe
E te lulu e te moa lou sope sope
O la’u kariota e, o la’u kariota e
Tuli tuli i, tuli tuli i
Sogi lou isu pe namu i
Le isu o loli ua lavelavea i le lala moli
Vilivili Tonga, vilivili Tonga
Sau le aitu ma lana amoga
Ta le ti’a lele i Tonga

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  1. MzPacifika ('78,'79...)

    Thank you!! Just been listening to this song, and I could not find the lyrics!

  2. hunkinguest

    It would be good to do research first before recording/ singing/writing a traditional song such as this. There are a number of spelling as well as wrong words in this version.

    • Kokoboy

      Well you are welcome to put in any corrections….

  3. Janet Crichton

    What are the lyrics in english pls


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