Ta’elega Petesa

Pacific Soul, Punialavaa | 3 comments

If only we had the healing waters of Bethesda (Petesa).

(Punialava’a version)

A na iai se ta’elega
pei o le ala i Petesa
Po ua lelei ai tino ua le atoatoa
ma mama ai ma’i faigata

E tele e taufetuli
i mea o le olaga nei
O nisi e savavali
ma taunuu faalelei
Ta nofo tagi pea ma vaavaai
I e o loo feoa’i mai
A ‘ou momoo pe o afea
ou te mafai ona faapea

Ana iai se ta’elega
pei o le ala i Petesa
Po ua lelei ai tino ua le atoatoa
ma mama ai ma’i faigata

Amuia e pupula
ua outou silafia mea uma
Mafana outou mafutaga
aiga ma uo peleina
Faamanaia mea uma e fai
faalelotu pe faamatai
Peita’i ita ta te le mafai
i mata nei ua le vaai

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  1. nunu

    English translation please?

    • kimofi v

      the slow sad melody is sung by the viewpoint(s) of someone blind and or immobile. the biblical healing pools of bethesda is said to have mystical healing properties and is the site where jesus helped heal the blind, cripple and sick

      the chorus sings of the desire to bathe at bethesda, known to heal physical and serious illness

      the 1st verse is sung by someone who is watching how busy the world has become, and how they are able to walk around and arrive to where they are going safely. The person is sad as he watches those walking around, and hopes/dreams about one day being able to walk.

      the 2nd verse is sung by someone who is blind, and is saying how blessed are those who can see, as they see everything around them. At gathering with close friends and family, prepare everything special whether its traditional or for church, as they are unable to help as they are now able to see.

      just a rough translation, as there doesnt seem to be a grasp of the meaning of this song which my parents use to play back in the days… thank you punialavaa and pacific soul for bringing back the 80’s, ia manuia and god bless

  2. kimofi v

    sorry… was meant to say at the end of the 2nd verse “unable to see”


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