Tausani mai manu e

Tausani mai manu e
Tausani mai manu e
Le alofa e i ulu, o la’au e
Ua i luga o mauga
Fa’aifo i le vanu e
Ua i luga o tumutumu e
Ua tafea le uto a taufau e
Ua sola le fa’asamoa
Faiaoga e, u’u mau e


Ia la la la la la
Ia la la la la la
I le feleni e sau ia ta o
Se’i tautua i le malo

Fafati mai o galu fao ali’ao
Ua gogolo uma figota o le a’au
Fa’atali timu le nu’u Savavau
Ia magalo ai le sala a Tigilau
Lau afioga a le Kaisa
Ia ola tama na fa’afolau

28 Replies to “Tausani mai manu e”

    1. Talofa, I would like to know the true meaning of this song please and it’s translation in English if someone would kindly do so. I’ve been asked to do a song and some actions to teach my daughters Kapahaka group for their schools Polyfest in June. Not long to go lol…and I’ve chosen this song but would love to know what it means so I can explain the meaning to the children. Because it’s next month would love to get your response asap as I’m teaching this to the kids this Sunday!!! I look forward to hearing from you Faafetai

  1. i love the good old fob songs =)

    o pese e malolosi le malu o tamaloloa LMFAO find me weird i dun care .. das jus how i doooze it !

    1. Your name is FOB
      They are old golden music, no English in it
      “find me weird i dun care .. das jus how i doooze it !” that’s FOB!!

  2. i love this song.
    my favourite is the the old skool version. with our elders singing. aufaipese something?..

  3. i am one of those studying your wonderful culture and it has led me to this song. i love this song! but i would like to understand what the song means. can you please provide the translation for me? i researched but alas i can’t find one that would give me its translation. thank you so much for your time 😀

    1. They’re not FOB music stupid ass
      They are golden music. Music that were sung in the olden days. GOLDEN
      Only Fobs like yourself promote and love yourself as a FOB!!

    1. Makanui, I’d be happy to help with the translation if you haven’t received it yet.
      Should not cost you or anyone any $$

  4. Hie there so im currently writing my thesis on Colour theory.. and im using this song to create my very own colour theory..btw im studing a Masters in Visual Arts (Painting)..can i please have the translation for this song and who originally sings thing?

  5. The birds sing my song of love for my homeland
    Sing it in the treetops
    Sing it in the mountains
    Sing it in the valleys
    Sing it from the peaks
    Taufaus fishnet has floated away (reference to legend of when Queen Taufaus dynasty came to an end)
    The Samoan Culture is slipping away
    Teachers (elders) please hold on to our customs

  6. Talofa 🙂
    I love this song and I’d like to improve the action but I don’t find the lyrics of second part that is sung by a girl. thank yhou very much for the help!!!!!!

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