Tina, Tina ea

A very popular tribute song to our mothers and cherishing our families.

Tina, Tina ea

Oe lagona mai ita
Ta fia fo’i atu i le aiga

Ta le lava le faigata
Ua o se sala o se pagota
Le fia va’ai atu i ou foliga
Tele mea manaia o le olaga nei
Leai lava o se lelei
O fiafiaga uiga ese ma lasi
Ae le suia ai se tali

Tina, Tina ea
Oe lagona mai ita
Ta fia fo’i atu i le aiga

Ana fou i le va’ai
Ou fa’atosina mai
Taleni oe fia fo’i atu ia te oe
E suamalie i la’u tofo
Ae le suia lo’u loto
Fia fo’i atu e le mafai ona ou nofo

O a ni tupe ma ni oa taua oi seisi lava laufanua
Ae le mafai ua sili lava le aiga moni ma matua

Tina, Tina ea
Oe lagona mai ita
Ta fia fo’i atu i le aiga

E fia va’ai atu i ou foliga

12 Replies to “Tina, Tina ea”

  1. awww diz be a sadd song. . !well ima always sday wif mah mummy!!!

    and fo da daddyz treat yah wife gud.. i fnk datz da meanung of diz song.. hehehe!! not surr!! lol…

  2. OMG….i was feel crying if i were heard dis song…but i dink dis song is telling us a story about da dad dat chasing his child away…..

  3. 🙂 hey’hey my’peoples …

    to all those who wants to know the meaning of ths beloved’song
    mostly dedicated to all who wants to BOTz and change the meaning of th song ,
    well’well th meaning of ths was written and sang by Rev Iosefa Lale Peteru ; dedicating to his mother while he was staying in aussie for schooling 🙂 so you need to listen and read th words carefully and you will understand th song :)) xx

    THANKS :)) xxxxx

  4. I am very emotional every time i hear this song especially for our young children whom come to nz.or overseas either schooling or migration its really heart breaking. .one of my best choice

  5. Love it x beautiful words will share with my mum on Mother’s Day xxx
    God bless all the mothers around the world x

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