Uso song

song about brotherly/sisterly love…one sibling asking for forgiveness from another

sau loa oe, e nofo mai o’u tafatafa,
o le amataga, o si ta mafutaga,
o le lumana’i o lo’o saunia mai,
mo tatou, uma e va’ai.

mo nai ou uso
se’i fa’amagalo mai
mo so’u sese na fai
fa’amolemole fa’agalo ita.


o oe lo’u uso, o lea oute fa’atoese ai,
aua ou iloa, ua na o oe na te fa’amagalo mai,
o le lumana’i, o lo’o saunia mai,
mo tatou, uma e va’ai.


Submitted by Vaitoa
*Pls make any corrections below

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    1. Draw ye nigh and sit here beside me
      A new beginning of our fellowship
      For the future will be unfold
      For all of us we shall behold

      O my brethren
      Please forgive me
      Of any wrongs I’ve done
      Please put it out of mind

      You are my brother
      I am begging your pardon
      For I know only you can forgive me
      For the future will be unfold
      For all of us we shall behold

      I just recently realized 1samoana has a music page I never visited before and found requests from like 100 years

  1. hiii everyone this song is so cool RYTE!! ua OU FIAFIA kele mahn,,,,, this is a good songf to all yopur brothers and sisters out there aye!!!!! you know what i pray to our heavenly father to guide all of us aye and make us alquds with our brothers and sisters!!!!! ilove all ov youz!!!!!

  2. @Lloving iIht – Spawnbreezie is Samoan πŸ™‚

    And just with the lyrics im sure your missing a word from this line “aua ou iloa, ua na o oe na te fa’amagalo”

    I think its aua “UA” ou iloa, ua na o oe na te fa’amagalo

    sorry if I just botzd it πŸ™‚

  3. hey!this is gud song for those who not get along for their brothers,and sister…..but this is the only way to faamagalo each other in your family,@ church,@ school,and every where you go

  4. Translation:

    You come here, sit beside me
    It’s the beginning, of our friendship
    The future is coming
    For us all to see

    For my brothers
    Please forgive me
    For any wrong, I have done
    Please forgive me

    You are my brother, this is why I’m asking (for forgiveness)
    Because I know you are the only one who can forgive me
    The future is coming
    For us all to see

    *** please feel free to correct me, but this is what I have deciphered

  5. Manaiia iia lea pese, se!
    I listen & siing dis sng 24/7!
    E manaia foi le pese lea mo tagata ia la puapuagatia i totonu o latou fale!
    Luv dis song so much!!
    Sorry 4 my freshness peepz, if ii sound fresh!!

  6. i’m sure alo keys didn’t make this up i thought that these samoan guys that killed the shop keeper
    made it up soo the uso’s from samoan can forgive them πŸ™‚ jst sayin

    1. Hey, just saw your comment (… 10 years later lol) might be late but there’s this site I found that I play with on my guitar. HOWEVER, they are ukulele chords, but you can play it TO guitar chords. Just have to have a guitar chord chart or if you already know them, then have fun. I’m pretty sure they’re not the exact chords but it’s good enough I reckon.

      Here’s the site:

      It’s a PDF so you can download it too

      Ia Manuia !!

  7. i like this song so much better than all of use that aremaking comments at this song we use to sing this song everyday wen our lunch time is start and also we will gona sing it for our prize giving day if we will reach it by Gods love hahahahah any comments ah

  8. VERSE 1
    First line is: ‘nofo mai i o’u tafatafa’
    Second line: ‘o si ta mafutaga’

    Second lne: ‘seia faamagalo mai’

    VERSE 2
    First line: ‘o oe o lo’u uso’

    That’s my only corrections…
    God bless you all…..
    E lelei le Atua i taimi uma…..

  9. u know wat! i really love this song, and i think this is the only samoan song that i really like it…..good job!:)

  10. OMG I love you Alo Key!!!! I always cry to this song because it reminds me of my brothers in New Zealand!!!!!(Maselino Sului, Leo Sului, Simon Telea, Richard Mulu)Miss you guys so much!!!!

  11. πŸ™‚ ohhhhh……….my favourite favourite song….O.M.G. i always sin dis song every dae even if i wnt 2 bed i alway sing before i go 2 sleep πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ………..@@love dis song……and cez wat im inlove with dis song.Dis song ies remind me how i sed sowry to my sister before she went 2 dah other country……but she still in my heart………..

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Wen i 1 heard dis song i thourght it ws a tonga song,but i ws wrong itz ws a samoan song πŸ™‚ :)i love samoan song…… ever wrote dis song plz plz email me on……ohhhh dis ies my name on facebook:::linah melanie john.!!!!!!!!!!!

    ******lol***XOXO*******love u guyz mmwwhhhh:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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