Pe folafola lou fala i Seoli

verse1 (fontee)
pe fofola lou fala i seoli
pe ete sulu ise toa malosi
pe ete ifo ise vanu loloto
pe ete aea se olo
pe ete ae mauga maualuluga
pe ete sulu i ao oi luga
e le foi le alofa leitioa
le poto o solomona

verse 2 (lole)
everyday im thinking of you
i pray youll always be there
coz you love is so amazing
nothing else will ever compare
from the valleys to the heaven
you will always be in my heart
now youre flown away
i know someday that this pain
will last for ever…lord i pray

oi aue oi aue
when u love someone it hurts
oi aue oi aue
theres a begining
theres an end

rap_(king J)
dear lord i wanna thank you
for thine loving me
sending me a beautiful angel from heaven
shes everything i eva need in my life
shes da love of my life and my beautiful wife
being with u is my dream come true
im so blessed and im forever grateful
i adore u everyday & night
and i can never go on
without u by my side
no matter what i ll always be true
coz no one eva love me da way u do
youre my sun, the stars the moon & da rain
u always there 4 me babe every single day
u make my world a better place to be
and i tell u honey u make my life complete
we cherish every moment of our lives together
and we treasure our precious love foreva

submitted by LeiLani

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