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Released in May 1981 by Kiwi Pacific Records, this classic Five Star album belongs in every Samoan music collection.

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  • Jen on Pule aoao le AtuaI would love a translation of this song please, such a beautiful song 💓
  • Lagi on Alo i au faivaI'm so touched !! even thou i'm not a Samoan but i can understand the lyrics I love this song so badly x
  • Keane Savea on Sina EaThis song was written by my cousin lol, My father had told me he wrote for our grandma many years ago. Sadly she has passed away this year to Covid-19…
  • Sinapati on Samoa e maopo’opo maime too samoa is my home country
  • Joy on Mavaega a Tavita ma IonatanaAgree - composed by Toleafoa Talitimu. From memory it tells the story i le so'o a nu'u-somehow Palauli comes to mind but unsure.