Pei o auma e le fiu i fafati

Jerome Grey, Punialavaa, Traditional | 10 comments

An intimate song for lovers, this one uses beautiful imagery to describe the moments after you’ve given your soul and body to someone else.

(Jerome Grey version)

Pei o auma e le fiu i fafati
O’u nei mata e le fiu i va’ai
Aue le alofa ua tauaso i le maasiasi
Ua ou le tiu fa’amatala’oa
Talu le alofa ua atoatoa
Pele ea ne’i galo ita i sau fa’asoa

E tu manu ae lili’a
I le feagaiga ua osia
Ne’i nimo vave pei o se miti po’o se li’a
Lo’u alofa sa fa’alilo
Fa’anaunau atu ia oe
La’u lupe ua gata ai lo’u fa’amoemoe

Ua pei o se ie e folasia i malae
Le malosi e o lou mana’o
Ua vilivili fa’amanu ma i luga o puao
Se’ia tu o le fetuao
Ma tausani mai manu o le vaveao
Ne’i li’aina upu pe a ta vavamamao

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  1. major fan

    i love this song

  2. liana

    what is the english translation?

  3. Eric

    nice song

  4. Paul

    does anyone know a site that explains any history behind old Samoan songs like this one?

  5. April M Manttari-See

    I know it’s been a long time, but I used the translation app on my phone to translate the song. I doesn’t really make sense…

    It’s like tired and tired
    My eyes do not give up on the eyes
    How sad is the blind to the shame
    I am not alone
    Love is perfect
    Be careful not to forget about your stock

    There are birds flying
    In the covenant it is made
    Get it sooner than a dream or a lizard
    My love was hidden
    Describe yourself
    My chicken ends my hope

    It is like a cloth that is presented in the field
    The strength is your will
    It rains and springs on the fog
    Until morning
    And thousands of birds of the morning
    Reverse words when we are distracted

  6. hamogeekgirl

    Lol… I’ll post up full translations soon, but here’s a clue for you:

    Auma = waves (like on the ocean)
    fafati = how the waves break, you know.. when they crest with that white foam at the top?
    fiu = tired of…
    le = not (negation)

    So… pei o auma e le fiu e fafati = like the waves that never get tired of breaking

    ou nei mata e le fiu e va’ai = my eyes are never tired of looking (at you…? lol)

    Here’s another clue: this song is very sexy, actually. 🙂

    • Joy

      Hamogeekgirl, you’re not wrong there 🙂 A song about deep & meaningful love . Believe it was composed by the late Aiono Dr Fa’anaafi Le Tagaloa Pita for her husband?

    • hamogeekgirl

      This was written by Dr Fa’anaafi? She was an amazing scholar and activist for the Samoan culture. It makes perfect sense that she would have penned incredible lyrics like these.

      Thank you, Joy, for the insight.

    • Letupu Matautia

      The late Afioga Dr Aiono Fanaafi did not write this song but she’s a great composer herself

  7. Joy

    Talofa Letupu Matautia, very much appreciate it if you can share whom wrote Pei O is sure a beautiful song with deep and meaningful lyrics. I feel I’m doing a disservice by not acknowledging the true composer. Many Thanks


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