Ou te pese fa’asavala i lau la’au o pele
Pe lagona o le alofa pe a ta tete’a ese
O le taimi ma lau ta’a o le lou ma le fuata
R-U-T-A, pele i lo’u agaga


R-U-T-A, la’u manamea
Se mea a liu vave o le pele a e upu’ese a
Suga mate la’u tupua ou te le ta’u atu a
O le la’au e tasi e lua lanu o lona fua

Tu i fafo se’i la te le matagi o lo’o agi
le matagi ua to na e agi o se la’i
Ae fatu o sa’u teu e fai ma a’u tei o le alofa
E te toe manatua ita a la taua masaniga


O’u moe i le po, moe miti i ou foliga
Pei o le oso a’e fa’alau o le masina
Ua leai ma se tasi e fa’aluaina oe Darling
La’u lupe to’atasi sa ou tiu ai


O le la’au e tasi e lua lanu o lona fua

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  1. Tausalaoaana

    Love this song! But now I’m all wondering, what is the answer to the “tupua” mentioned in the song? “O le laau e tasi, e lua lanu o lona fua”

    -Inquiring minds wanna know!

    • paul

      I am guessing this is sad heartbreaking song and means that RUTA…wasnt truthful about how she felt about him….so she is the laau….and the two colors are …what he thought she felt about him. and the other color was what he later discovered were her true feelings….classic samoan love song…I love it

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