Samoan National Anthem (Samoa i Sisifo)

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(Anne Robertson Version)

Samoa, tula’i ma sisi ia lau fu’a, lou pale lea

Samoa, tula’i ma sisi ia lau fu’a, lou pale lea

Vaai i na fetu o lo’o ua agiagia ai
Le faailoga lea o Iesu na maliu ai mo Samoa Oi
Samoa e, uu mau lau pule ia faavavau

‘Aua e te fefe, o le Atua lo ta fa’a vae
O lota sa’olotoga

Samoa, tula’i, ia agiagia lau fu’a, lou pale lea.

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Ma le fa’aaloalo lava. 


  1. Liz

    I prefer the original version of the anthem before some old Christian faife’au decided to change it by publishing different words in the Hymn book.

    The part:
    Vaai i na fetu o loo ua agiagia ai
    Le faailoga lea o Iesu na maliu ai mo Samoa Oi!

    In the original version it used to be:
    Va’ai i na fetu o lo’o ua agiagia ai
    Le fa’ailoga lea o Samoa ua mafai ona tautai

    I loathe the new version.

    • Penina Tunialu

      TALOFA I love the bit when it says Samoa because that’s in our blood and that’s who we are

  2. Nafanua

    lol I agree with u on one side that they change the lyrics, well that one line, God already is in the anthem, but maybe they just wanted to empphasize it even more lol


  3. Shelly

    wea da f*$! is da real 1!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kilali


  4. Carol Lagisa

    Yeah, I was like the old pese so much.

    I am still liking the new pese but i was keep saying the old pese’s words.

    Right now, I am watching the Rukpy world cup. It’s New zealand ma Tonga..

    Lai malo new zealnd. I was scereem loud when I was see New Zealnd ket a try! I was Crhaysee!

    i was scereem so Loud, that my mother was come and crap the salu, and den she was jump and jump, and den was sa sa the salu on my body.

    I was no tears come lalo my maka.. I was stiil smiles face!

    Woi, Lai sau lu’o mother e fasi au! Fasofua! (smilez face)

  5. abi

    i wish it also put the english version we r doin a project for skwl

  6. Luzann

    Samoa will always RULE!!! CHEEEHOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    • Kilali

      yeah buddy

  7. Draunimasi2


  8. crystal solofa

    Samoa is the bomb forever and ever
    WE ALL LUV SAMOA……………………………………………….

  9. agnes solofa

    i agree sis we all love samoa 4 ever +ever xoxoxoxoxoxox

  10. crystal

    we all love samoa and every1 knows that…………<3

  11. dora

    we luv you samoa

  12. Ki*UGA

    ia Tula’i mai! TULA’I MO SAMOA! !!! auOI

  13. Hi

    Just wondering where can you get Music Sheet for all the Samoan Songs;
    just because WE SAMOANS need it. To play it where ever we go.
    If so; if you know can you inbox me at
    it would be really appreciated to the Chief of our family. Savea.
    Thank you.

  14. Kilali

    yeah das da samoan way faafetai lava. ia ua ou fia alu ia samoa. so it could be my first time. yolo

  15. Heidi Ian

    nix samoa..

  16. matilda joyce/..

    luv the national anthem….althou im fijian …lol

  17. Penina

    This is my jam, My second jam is Pusi nofo dame mai I fegot how to spell the song and my mom use to sing that to me when I was a little girl and she always brings the falla anyway I’m proud to be samoandas and this song respondents our blood and our family

  18. Apineru M Apineru

    Original lea: Other lyrics are the same except for:

    Le faailoga lea o Samoa ua mafai ona tautai….
    Aua e te fefe e le toe avea lou pale….

    The change came around 1974-75 to:
    Le faailoga lea o Iesu na maliu mo i tatou ..
    Aua e te fefe o le Atua lo ta faavae…

    The govt wanted a change to emphasize Christianity in Samoan life.



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