Tama a Samoa

Felise Mikaele | 2 comments

Composed and submitted by Felise Mikaele. Please see the notes below


Verse 1/
Ua logo i tino matagi lelei
Tala ua ‘aave mai nei
Tama fanau a Samoa ua fai mou sei
Lau ta’alo ua malie o, ma lou sa’ilimalo
Ua iloa ai Samoa i o ma o

Verse 2/
O si o ta atunu’u, e leiloa i le fa’afanua
A’o lau ta’alo ua iloa ai ta’ua
Alo i fa’agatama, ‘ae le galo i lou agaga
Le tapua’iga o lo’o tu’i mai le mulipapaga.

Ua pati lima ma ta’oto’oto si toea’ina
A’o le tina ua tutulu ae ua le pisa
Ia pouliuli lou tino, ae malamalama ou mata
Tama A Samoa, se’ia tafetoto ou ala.

Samoa tula’i mai, e molia le fa’afetai
O lau ta’alo se ua malie mata e va’ai
Lau ta’alo fa’atausala, e le taumate e seisi
A e malolo, e malolo.

Ua faigata ia ita, Samoa e lau tapua’iga
Ne’i o’u malolo, e fa’agalo mai ia ita
Maualuga pea i le agaga, o oe o le matua faitama;
E malu ai ita, i mea nei o fa’agatama.

Alo ia oe i ou faiva, tau ina ia a’e malo
Oute tapua’i, pei o le faiva o le fe’epo
Avane ia le tagavai, o lo’o ta fa’avae ai
Pei o la Paulo, o ai se e fa’asaga tau mai.

A note from the composer, Felise Mikaele:

This song was written during the 1991 Rugby World Cup as I was inspired by the Performance of the Manu Samoa Rugby Team for the first time in World Rugby. The song was not called or named “Manu Samoa” but “Tama A Samoa” or Sons of Samoa so that it will be heard as tribute or Anthem of all Samoan sportsmen and women in any Sports that put Samoa on the map, and not just Manu Samoa. From a business perspective, a wider market. Released in 1992 by Crescent Records International and Kiwi Pacific Records International and gone platinum 1994. Copyrights ownership of this song was registered with Apra/Amcos which have been breached 4 times, First 1994 by RSA Band for illegal re-recording the song,as Kapena in Hawai’i, 2011 Mastercard during the Rugby world cup, for using the song as backing music Mastercard TV Commercial and South Pacific Pictures for synchronizing the song to DVD. The biggest copyright infringement monetary settlement was Mastercard. To date still the Best Samoan selling Single of all time. It has two music videos the latest was produced in 2012 filmed whiled simulated by the Manu Samoa 7s for the 20th anniversary of the song. This music videos features the Samoa Head of Churches, the Samoa Head of State, Prime Minister Tuila’epa Sailele, MPs and other Samoan sports Icons.

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  1. lili ibanez

    I need to buy this!!! help me!!!

  2. lili ibanez

    I thought RSA Band did the best version but I should’ve known to go to the original source! thank you so much for making the accessible. I don’t know how many times I searched on youtube, iTunes, Amazon Music— nothing!!! please let me know how I can buy this track. thank you!!


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