Tele I’a o Le Sami

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If you’re new to Samoan culture, this will probably be one of the first few songs you learn. None of those fish in the sea come close to the one I love and adore, the pride of Samoa.

(Faith Ako Version)

Tele i’a O Le Sami

Tele fo’i la’au o le vao

Tele manu felelei i le lagi

Tele teine afatasi

Ae sili ai oe o la’u pele

Le lalelei o Samoa

Mate maia o la’u tupua

Pe e te iloa le ioga

Tau momoe atu ae le ma moe

Talu lava funa o oe

Ua o’ona mea ai

Talu le fia va’ai

Ua toto lo’u tale

Ma lo’u fatu ua ta’e

Talofa i la’u tifa i moana

O la’u ma’a taimane


Let me hear you wisper

Let me hear you sigh

Let me put my arms around you

Let me hold you tight

Tu’u maia lou lima

Tautala mai dear po o ai

Tau ina e iloa

O lo’u alofa le na

I pe na ta masani ea e a

I pe na e ioe ea e a

O la’u rosa tu tasi

O la’u punimatagi

Ua e ave lo’u fatu

Ae tu’u la’u mama

Talofa i la’u tifa i moana

O la’u ma’atausala

There’s plenty of fish in the sea

There are plenty of trees in the wood

There are also plenty of birds

Flying in the sky

There are also pretty girls

But the only one I love

And that’s the one I love and adore

Is the girl of Samoa


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  1. torina samuelu

    wow so much words than the one at school i’ll show my teacher and she’ll be so proud of me.


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