U’u Lou Lima

Anivas, Nifoloa | 4 comments

A wedding song… sung in this video by Miriam Samuelu, the original composer, also known as Le Anivas. 

I le taimi muamua
na ou vaaia ai oe dear
lagonaina o lo’u fiafia,

e pei ua ou tepa
i se fetu pupula
i le lalelei o ou foliga

uu lou lima se’i ta ulufale atu
i le faitoto’a o le alofa
ta saoloto ai lenei olaga
ma fai o ta mo’omooga

oute tauto atu,
ua nao oe lava e tasi
ua ou filifilia e avea ma ou hunny !!

o le a ou savali
i a’u upu ma le faamaoni
oute tausi ia te oe seia ou oti.

uu lou lima sei ta ulufale atu
i le faitoto’a o le alofa
ta saoloto ai i lenei olaga
ma fai o ta moomooga x2
ma fai o ta moomooga

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  1. bertalei

    well nice song but it ok she will hold your hand ……..:)hahahahahahaha a le na sau e uu lou lima ma kisi i ou foliga:}

  2. Miriam SAM Samuelu

    First of all,thank you for giving out the lyrics. For your info about Nifoloa’s version, this is actually the Anivas version and lyrics recorded in 1981.because I am THE ORIGINAL ANIVAS!!!! I just wanted to make it clear to those who’ve heard of this song. Thank you and God speed!!!!

    • hamogeekgirl

      HI Miriam… thank you so much for this information!

      I’m sorry – when we first posted this song, we included the Nifoloa video on this page, which is the only reason we called it the ‘Nifoloa version’.

      It’s very good to know that this is actually an Anivas song. I wish there was a YouTube video (or audio somewhere) of the original Anivas recording…but I just found your live video, and have changed the information above.

      For anyone who wants the original, where can we buy this Anivas album, please?

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